About Panic Movies

Panic movies are Australian made and showcase a diverse range of extreme sports.
We've chased mountain biking, skydiving, snowboarding, BASE jumping, bmx, skaters,
kites, karts and lots more all across the globe, producing a series of adrenaline-charged films ...

... Panic Movies!

The debut movie Panic was released in 2005, journeying across Australia featuring downhill,
freeride and urban mountain biking, bmx freestyle and kiteboarding as well as some of the
most heartstopping skydiving and BASE jumping ever recorded in Australia.

The next installment, Don't Panic, goes international with footage from Australia,
Canada and Norway. Another fresh slice through the world of Australian mountain
biking is on the plate, and from Victoria to Queensland the action is fast and dirty.
Our travels then took us across the Pacific to the mighty Rocky Mountains as we tripped
through North America's West Coast, riding deep in fresh powder thru the winter and
attacking the trails on 2 wheels during Whistler's summer. There's madness in Vancouver,
breakdancers in Santa Monica, and not to mention a trip to Norway for some BASE jumping
madness that will blow your mind!

... just remember, don't panic.

Due for launch: END 2007

Contact: mail@panicmovies.com